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OPUSCARNARIUS (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise


GUTTUR.EXTENSIO (version 2) 2015-2023 (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

CANTO LONTANO (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

SMALL CIRCUITS (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

GATES and RIPPLES: GOOD MORNING, NANJING (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

TONESMILES (Electronic Chamber Music) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

LANTERNS II (Disklavier + Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

AFTER FOSSILS (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

VENTURA TORNA (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise


SUMMER 1400 (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

ANIMAL GAMES (2 electric keyboards, accordion, percussion, harpsichord) (listen)

The NO TONGUE JESTER (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

ESTUDO DE MASSA (13 instruments) (listen) EMESP Contemporary Ensemble

TIMEKEEPER (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

UNAKITE (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

KEYS (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

CULTURES.RUPTURES (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

CELL and CELLS (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

CLOCKS MATTER (ELectronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise


SUNSUNSUN (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

OLAIOLAVILAVIOLA (for viola and ensemble) (listen) Spaceship Ensemble

IOGENES WAVES (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

PAÍS MORTO (DEAD COUNTRY) (Electronics) (listen)

POTEM (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

MANUM I Dedicated to Ricardo Kubala (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

MANUM II Dedicated to Ricardo Kubala (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

ALMOST OBJECTS (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

HIDDEN CLOCKS (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

ANIMA (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

LUGAR ALGUM (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise

GLYPHS (Electronics) (listen) Ensemble AntiNoise


BOOK OF CHILDREN - Eight Piece Cycle for Synthesizers (listen)

(Marbles, Wonderings, Tiny Things, Games, Puppets, MusicBox, BedNOtime, Lonechild)

PETROGLYPHS - bass, cello, viola (Guggenheim project)

EROSION - large ensemble (Guggenheim project)

BAD WATER BASIN - bass (listen)

FOSSILS - nine instruments (Guggenheim project)

BLIMUNDA - four synthesizers (listen)


SOLIS - soprano and trumpet (listen)

TWO PATCHES - soprano and trumpet

WHAT HAS BEEN WILL HAPPEN AGAIN - string quartet (listen)

STRANGE CLOCKS - alto sax, flute in G, vibraphone, acoustic guitar

REINVENTIO - solo violin (listen)

MANUM ad MANUM - viola solo

MOVIOLA - viola solo (listen)

CHROMOCHOROS - clarinet, trumpet, percussion, cello, double-bass (listen)



CHIRAL - for 24 performers (listen)

BLOCKS - fl, clar, sax, trp, trb, perc, pno (listen)

(P)ERGO - solo violin (listen)

AFTER TELLURIS II - baritone saxophone (listen)

THERMO - flute and orchestra

CANYON.TEXTORIUM - baritone sax and ensemble (listen)

TEMPI.FRACTI - mandolin, accordion, harpsichord, piano, percussion (listen)

HISTOS IX (after Kinectic Study I) - solo  piano (listen)



PARALLEL CLOCKS - solo guitar (listen)

AFTER TELLURIS - bass clarinet

PATCHES.BROKEN - three intrumental groups - minimum 9 players

ZEFIRO - for tenor and Paetzold recorders (one player)

GRAVITAS - for Choir (after Isaac Newton)

TOUCHING CLOUDS - cello, piano, electronics (listen)

HISTOS IV-V-VI-VII-VIII - for solo piano (listen)

QUASI.MATTER - for guitar quintet - Grupo de Violoes da Unesp (listen)


TELLURIS.DESERT ROSE - for 10 instruments - Ensemble Cairn/Commande d'Etat (listen)

TELLURIS.HEAT - for 6 instruments - New York New Music Ensemble/Koussevitzky commission (listen)

TELLURIS.CANYON - for woodwind quintet - Commissioned by Ensemble Zephyrus/ProAC Award (listen)

MINERAL- for solo flute - Commissioned by Sesc Label and Cassia Carrascoza (listen)

YAZZ - for percussion quartet - Commissioned by GRUPU and Fernando Hashimoto (listen)


LOWERTREEHOUSE - violin and viola (listen)

HISTOS I - II - III - for solo piano (listen)

GRAINS- for solo double bass (listen)

VERTEBRAE - for vibrafone and metal tubes (listen)

CARRETEIS II - for flute, clarinet, harp, percussion, violin, cello (listen)

CARBONO 14 - for 14 instruments (listen)

SLOPE FIELD I - for 5 flutes and 5 clarinets (listen)



SEDIMENTOS - violin and piano (listen)

GUTTUR.DUO - for two flutes (listen)

DIMENSIONS - for solo percussion

STEMS - for strings (listen)

POSITIONS - for flute, clarinet and piano (part III of Three Short Pieces) (listen)

RELEVO - for flute and clarinet (part II of Three Short Pieces) (listen)

JEUESQUISSE - for violin and cello (part I of Three Short Pieces) (listen)

ON FORM AND GROWTH - for cello and percussion (listen)



TOY- for ensemble (fl, cl, pno, vln, vlc) (listen)

ANDARIN - for ensemble (cl, sax, voice, accordion, piano, perc, electric bass) (listen)

CANVAS - for two trombones (listen)

TENERIFE - for ensemble and choir (listen)

PARALELO 26 - for orchestra (listen)



UBEHEBE- for wind orchestra (listen)

QUAESTIO - two studies for violin and electronics (listen)

TEMPI INTERMEDI II - ensemble (listen)

TEMPIRREALI - solo cello (listen)

MUTUUS 30 - ensemble (miniature for cl, soprano, pno, perc, vln, vlc)



FIBERS, WIRE and WIRE - for chamber orchestra (listen)

GUTURAL III - for trumpet, bass clarinet, trombone and voice (listen)

RENGA - miniature for fl, bassoon, bassoon, accordion, pno, percussion, vln, vlc)


KINETIC STUDIES (I, II, III, IV, V) - for eight instruments

GUTTUR - for solo flute (listen)                                                                 

GUTTUR.EXTENSIO - for six recorders (listen)



DIOGENES LANTERN- solo marimba

GUTTURAL I and II -  for voice (baritone), trumpet, bass clarinet and trombone (listen)

DRAWINGS FOR IBERE - for ten instruments, Nieuw Ensemble (listen)

SENSORIUM - for seven instruments

TOPOGRAFIA II - for bass flute and percussion



AREIA II - for ten instruments (listen)

TOPOGRAPHY INDEX 3A - flutes, clarinets, and percussion (listen)

SHI - Percussion Trio (listen)

DEFLECTERE II - clarinet, violin, percussion (listen)

DEFLECTERE - clarinet and violin

MATERIALI - Percussion Duo (listen)



MOBILE.MUTATIO - for string quartet (listen)

TIME.FRACTUS - solo piano

GLAES -  Prepared piano and percussion (listen)

OBJETO-QUASE - solo prepared piano (listen)



AREIA - for twelve instruments

REPERCUSSIO - for six berimbaus (listen)

TOPOGRAPHY INDEX 3 - for flute, oboe and bassoon



p-ORBITAL - for ten instruments (listen)

SPIRA MONDANA - for thirteen instruments (listen)



TEMPI INTERMEDI (fl, cl, tromb, guitar, vln, vlc) (listen)

RUPTURAS (piano/percussion) (listen)

AFTER FROTTAGE II (clarinet and cello) (listen)


TEMPI ALIENATI for nine instruments

TEMPO IRREAL for cello and live-electronics (listen)

EM LINHAS, REFLEXOS, for orchestra



CONTOURS, DISTANCES, piano solo (listen)

TORNANDO-SE, miniature for piano solo

ENTRESONS.RECREO, for six percussionists  (listen)

LIGARE , flute and percussion (listen)

COR A DERIVA, miniature for piano solo

CARRETEIS, flute, clarinet, percussion, harp, violin, cello


TOPOGRAFIA I, for bass flute (listen)

IRIS, solo berimbau (listen)

MUTUUS, voice, clarinet, trumpet, piano, perc, violin and cello (listen)



TEMPO ABSURDO, piano solo

Dikkhatemenein, tape

Letter to Vincent (see CANVAS), two trombones

Georg , for piano solo, unperformed

La Fete d'Opet, trumpet, horn and trombone

Physiognomy, alto sax

GREGOR, violin, cello and double bass (listen)



Otto/Refraction, orchestra, unperformed

Arte Combinada, bass trombone and tape

Circus, flute, ensemble and two dancers


Brouhaha (Kinetic Study 2), fl, cl, pno, vl, vla and cello (listen)

Noom, soprano, fl, cl, tpt, tbn, pno, perc, vla

Tarkov II, tape

Improvisation Practice 100, alto sax and piano

This, tenor and piano


Ekhon II, two flutes

Eixos, fl, cl, French horn, vl, cello

Eixos for In Sanum, vl,violao, pno, cbx e tape


Tarkov I, pno, percussion, violin and live-electronics

Odradek, fl, cl, ob, bsn, 2perc, pno, vl, vla, vlc, dbass


Architector XII, fl, cl, ob, trpa, trbne, 2 perc, pno, vl, vla, vlc, cbx

Quarteto III, vl, perc, pno and dbass

Frottage, bass clarinet


Quarteto II vl, perc, pno, bass

Piece for 11 instruments, unperformed


Sayen, violin solo

Três Peças para piano e contrabaixo


Reflexus, pno, bass and dancer

Improvisaçoes Sampaku, two keyboards, bass and tape

Organum II, two keyboards, double-bass live electronics, 2 dancers and 3 painters


Organum,  fl, cl, ob, bassoon, perc, pno, vl, vla, vlc, bass, unperformed

Silencio e Indiferenciacao da Especie, contrabaixo e piano

De 1991; Estudo 3.4, two studies of Brazilian music and jazz for piano


Impromptu 1 to 4, for piano and bass

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